Smile Chaoyang: The Photographic Evidence

Stanford University Press (January 9, 2013) has published a collection of essays entitled Global Futures in East Asia; it includes an essay of mine, entitled “Smile Chaoyang: Education and Culture in Neoliberal Taiwan.”  Here is the book cover:


(copyrighted material)

The press removed from the essay a Government Information Office of Taiwan photograph due to fear of copy right infringements:


Below is a more direct photograph that I refrained from including because I was and remain more interested in the universal or global situation.  I did not want to provide comforting images of the discomfort of others by which to assure oneself that “things are a little better here.”  They’re not. In any case:


At Chaoyang University of Technology real students receive and send requisite smiles:

And the bottom line:


Universities are increasingly redundant and entirely overbought, as traders would say. A parabolic bubble of expectations, costs, and tuition increases defines their current condition. Parabolic moves imply a rough return to earth.

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