Average People


Does anyone read the tax code? Does anyone read an entire tech manual of an operating system or a telephone? Does anyone know why PCLN jumped 13.79 dollars after the close? Can anyone repair a hybrid car?

Some people can do or know about some of these things. Most people are like me. No matter how smart you are, good chance after a certain moment in one’s life, everything is programmed, like your phone. No phone, no job. No computer network, no school or market. No options graphing software, no eyes. McLuhan, of course, was wrong. Technology doesn’t extend man. It is us and more. We know this now. One t or i wrong, and a house of cards can come down. Don’t speak the lingo or know what the parameters of the help desk are? Too bad. You’ll stumble like Laurel and Hardy or beat yourself into shape like the Three Stooges.

The biggest problem for traders is not the irrationality of the market; we know irrationality, and we normally laugh at it. No, the biggest problem for traders is that they must learn the 1001 rules for order input, chart deciphering, options pricing, tax regulations, computers, the economy, the phony news, the culture of fear and greed, and– the ever present– etcetera.

Cry like a baby or moan like a man. Its all the same. Its not our game or our world. In this situation, the best one can hope for is average. What genius that would be!

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