Ideological Security


Because the Italians are daring to elect a government that might serve the interests of its majority, fear of the break down of the Euro zone has sent the market down. The Chairman spoke and eased anxieties about whose boat will stay afloat. Nonetheless, the message from the free marketeers is always the same: more austerity for average people. This really means: protect our right to a free lunch. I can never adjust my mindset to accept their points of view. Perhaps this renders me incapable of drawing money from the market. But even the dreaded nanny state of Norway (the birthplace of my maternal grandmother and grandfather) takes from the market, too. One doesn’t need to be a philosophically pure Randian to seize some coins. One must be an opportunist. One must recognize the limits of one’s capital, time, and expertise. But one must also realize that the market is dominated by right-wing ideologues who fear the loss of a dollar on their rent. The market will react through their eyes. Thus, I must see the world as they see it to have some idea how market tensions will develop and unwind. Image

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