Teaching, Writing, Speculation

Teaching, Writing, and Speculation.

1. Teaching

a. teaching is a media; the teacher is the medium

b. the teacher in him/herself is the message (McLuhan’s theorem)

c. positive images seduce the consumers to pay their way

d. organization, kindness, sincerity


the lady in the radiator

2. Writing

a. bursts of energy

b. constant revision

c. delight in research

d. adjustments after feedback

e. think all night in dreams

f. effective planning

3.  Speculation

a. a grind

b. patience and risk management

c. practice

d. follow the patterns

e. have a plan


RUT presents cup and handles in multiple time frames. We will remember this as one of the great bull runs of our life time. Fueled not only by the FED but by frustrated bears. They think it is the end of the world, but its not. Its simply the end of them. This is called speculation.

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