You know you have no answers

Richard Hugo

Real Existing Capitalism 

(Traders complain about it all the time. Basically the market is no fun and the money they make doesn’t pay for what they want or know they should want).

But I know the bigger problems are environmental, the transformation of the global condition into more chaos.

For every problem there is a solution. But people are part beasts and part spirits. Loaded guns, ballistic missiles, drones, and special forces; behind them, network intelligence, human sourcing, and the confusion of questions about people that are no longer asked. They play the enemy game, and they work in discrete locations everywhere.

There is always the question: What should we do? I have my fall back: I gave over twenty years to scientific inquiry. Now I’m finding how useless and dangerous this kind of knowledge can be in the real world. Eventually, as a teacher, as a Representative of the smiling dream, you must give up your conflicting thoughts and concentrate on survival. But I believed I could orient myself otherwise, a brave dreamer.

Dreams provoke anxiety.

Is a dream a lie that don’t come true or is it something worse?

Bruce Sringsteen

Heidegger didn’t need to be stoner to ask the most pertinent question: What is called thinking? Heiddeger thinks we think only because we have the capacity to do so, but this does not mean that the capacity is used. Instead, we don’t think but hold out true hope that we can. Well we’d better get with it. We’re counting on you Mr. President.

Aside from praying to the authorities, what can one do?

We have the freedom to think, but thinking causes anxiety because it opens one to the levers and chains of the contemporary matrix. Why, for example, do certain diseases become exceedingly profitable to administer? A system dines on the sacrifices of the losers. But one must not let this enter one’s mind while in communication with ordinary souls. They will sense your critical capacities and …….(worst) maybe they won’t.

Who are you to anyone?


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