Big! Thoughts on the Market


Does anyone seriously think that 4+ years of competent leadership should portend market doom? Why do those who profit the most complain the most? How much agitation from the business class is simple stupid theater– made in the attempt to buy time, while they transform themselves? Wouldn’t this be the best strategy for any business? Frankly, I have no idea. But they do complain a lot as they ape patriotic and shoot their bang-bangs..

Business-school types are opaque to me. While I was reading Plato, what were they were doing?  I remember some. They had computers earlier, and they knew their destinies were plugged to the “economy” somehow. Two listened to Paul Harvey for kicks. When I saw them do that, I thought they were insane. I taught MBA students qualitative research methods. They made competent slide shows of their explorations. They were alright, but when I mentioned that the stock market is the center of a belief system– a totem– I was greeted with resistance.

I still don’t know what the stock market is; and I surely don’t expect it to provide fair return to working people (a class to which I still identify, although nearly everything in my life speaks otherwise). This is the source of some cognitive dissonance. I feel often that the earth beneath my feet is shifting– something the Christian theologians in the 20th century attributed to the loss of god, anthropologist to the condition of colonialism and modernity, but which business people find to be the source of dynamism – or so they say.

So many voices speak from many directions. The key now is to identify their orientation and explain their thoughts in terms of their school of thought. Obviously, there is no right view of the market. But everyone is very persuasive. Maybe business school students were learning to hear and decipher these voices.

(I hope it doesn’t disappear now that I’ve got a suitable, practical handle on the purpose– tautological and absurd– to help people raise capital).


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