And once again….What is Real here?

I am sure we’d be up 40% this year – aren’t you? April fools of course. With a 10% first quarter under its belt the market is on a roll and at this pace, 40% in a year would be the number but realistically that is not likely as you know. What is likely is another up year after many up years as the Fed keeps pumping money into the system, keeps rates low and most central bankers around the world do the same. That keeps the buyers coming and the prices rising and the illusion on course. Of course its all an illusion to some extent since its all about perception. It doesn’t need to be reality. Why can’t we just “believe”? – L.A. Little

I can imagine a few possible responses to Mr. Little’s ironic disdain and the characters who would utter them:

1. Fred, the Flintstone:  “Yeah, the market should sell off. You know, the sell in May and go away thing that plays out year after year. I’ll have another Brontosaurus burger, Barney.”Image

2. Rene, the keen, cool and crisply aggressive speculator: “The odds are high the market won’t go up 40% in a year. As for reality…that’s another question. And I’m certain we have not the time now to discuss it.”Image

3. Evelyn, the former accountant, who manages a 100 million dollar options portfolio: “Good point. When the vols juice up, I love it!”


4. Bernard, the elite momentum trader of Texas/Hollywood extraction: “I don’t know what the Fed is doing, doling out money like this. They’ve got to control this debt problem. Politicians crush the spirit of individuals. Strange as it seems, one never knows. A trend is a friend until it bends.”a knight

5. Spas, the Platonist: “The real? Ha. That’s just a copy of an imagined market that we watch on our screens the way Plato’s cave dwellers watched with great fascination the flickers of flame on the wall of their abode. Only do those who walk outside brave the terrible light of the Truth. So your thought is reasonable but your disdain is not. Know, historical irony is a subset of cosmic irony.”


6. Zapatino the Marxist: It is merely the churn of capital as it creates the illusion of wealth. Meanwhile, the world crumbles.


7. Deno, the small businessman- who has made and lost a couple fortunes in his life: “You know what they’re after, don’t you? They want to turn men into women…Think of it: fluoride in the water; everyone on anti-depressants; the gun take away; every transaction taxed– either going to the government or the multi-national corporations…”AvrilsAmbassadors

8.  The flabbergasted anthropologist: “Do not you wealthy tradesmen know that you trade in signs, transmitted digitally hither and thither; and the activity of trading in anything, including signs, is at the heart of all civilized and uncivilized affairs, from love to war? And that social life is quickly sucking away into the simulacrum of exchange?”

Picture 017

9. The experienced fly fisherman: “If I can get in enough good casts at a few pools this morning, I should reel in a steelhead or two, if I’m lucky. As for tomorrow, you never know.”


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