Ten Speculative Trading Rules: Pairs Related


Trades for Instructional Purposes Only. No Indication of Real Activity

1. Sell high and buy low (the golden rule)

2. Do it in pairs

3. Do it at your leisure

4. Trade only liquid products

5. Stay small

6. It is alright to take your profits @200 USD or so per spread; when losing, it is alright to lift off and try again later.

7. Buy at ask; sell at the bid. Open and close the shorts first.

8. Time and odds are on your side. Imagine that.

9. Keep an eye on the markets– in particular the price changes of the commodities, US equity indexes, and the global currency markets; for they “determine the totality of life on this planet today.”


Not a good role model.

10. Under no circumstances lose one’s equanimity, rooted in humility: easy come; easy go.

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