Follow your bliss

ImageThe Song of the Week

Songwriters: W. BECKER, D. FAGEN

Down at the lido they welcome you
With sausage and beer
Klaus and the rooster have been there too
But lately he spends his time here
Hangin’ with the mayor and all his friends
And nobody cares
Where the sailor shuts out the sunrise
Blacked out on the stairs
Knock twice, rap with your cane
Feels nice, you’re out of the rain
We got your skinny girl
Here at the western world

Ruthie will give you the silver key
To open the red door
Lay down your jackson and you will see
The sweetness you’ve been cryin’ for

In the night you hide from the madman
You’re longing to be
But it all comes out on the inside

fagen beckeer

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