What do these eyes see? And what are we in them?

What do these eyes see? And what do we in them?

We can only assume the most mad scenarios: scenarios whereby the simple becomes complex and conspiratorial; and complexity is dismissed as stupid and unnecessary. All that is etched into understanding through careful science becomes…nothing; for in itself science, in their eyes, is meaningless.

When they spring up, they rise like dolls– the automaton, so unheimlich to Freud. When their animations falter and they collapse, they flat-line until prodded again by serial indignities upon which they feast. Without the daily outrage, they cannot “live.”

And yet, there we are in them. Same basic DNA. Has a chromosome been switched off or altered in any way? Can MRIs be put to use? Put the questions to science? Unfortunately, they have their hands on the purse. Luckily, and it is truly of luck, uncertainty can be measured in terms of probabilities. Wild mobs in cataclysmic fear and greed can be contained, if we play it right.


Professional Traders Regulate Hysteria

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