Some Chinese-English Translations (Pairs Related)


配對比價買賣 pairs trading

價格變化的重要性一定大於量的變化 price is more important than volume

要學習在盤中觀察價格變動 observe price movement in the market

連動性高 highly correlated pairs

連動性低 low correlation pairs

類 sector

Familiar Rules:

(1) 賣出漲多的,買進漲少的 Sell leaders; buy laggards

(2) 賣出跌少的,買進跌多的 Sell those that plummet the least and buy those which plummet the most

(3) 賣靠近箱頂的,買靠近箱底的 Sell those at the tops of their Darvas boxes, and buy those closer to the bottom of their boxes


平民股神蘇松泙系列2:不蝕本實戰操作 (pp. 220-225)

From a fellow pairs trader in Taiwan, 蘇松泙

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