Fear, Slavery, Mind, Practice

The speculator’s chief enemies are always boring from within. It is inseparable from human nature to hope and to fear. 

Jesse Livermore

1.  Fear is a condition by which one recognizes servitude.

2.  All souls feel fear because all souls are subject to someone, something, some process.


The escaped Androids in Blade Runner express their fear and will as the link that establishes their reality as beings. Their will to freedom from fear is expressed in the futile and, thus, tragic destruction of their (impotent– in his ability to save them) Creator.

3.  The individual who can employ his/her mind acts contrary to natural servitude.

4. Every individual has a choice to fear slavishly or think stubbornly.

5. The most free among us can employ many faculties of body and mind through self-imposed, stubborn thought– also known as the will.

6.  Every will is in servitude. The difference between the servitude of a slave and of a will is that the slavery of the will is self-imposed.

7.  The will expresses itself in practices– the continual process of thought and action that one can find, for instance, in the work of J.S. Bach, whose Art of the Fugue privileges process above all emotion.


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