Correlations to Monitor


So closely correlated, the pair almost becomes directional– but only if their relative performance remain closely aligned.


The significant negative correlation portends a volatile but profitable relationship.

Silver and Gold remains a potentially profitable trade; wait for a significant divergence intraday.




The dollar appears ready to rally against the Yen & Euro.


The bonds/notes trade remains a favorite, especially when the 30 year bond is trading significantly higher than the 5-year note.

6-16-2013 correlations:

The Russell vs. the S & Ps, .9575

The Russell vs. the Dow Jones Industrial, .887

The Russell vs. the Nasdaq, .8338

Crude vs. the Euro .7902

Gold vs. Five Year Notes, .6782

The Dollar vs. Platinum, .6695

Crude vs. Gold, -.6086%

The Dollar vs. the Nikkei, -.6427

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