No Hero Shit

I’m not an expert on war or warriors. But the outcomes of heroic activity are usually the same: suffering, misery, regret, anguish, shame, silence and some unpredictable change

It is odd that so many of us– especially men– feel compelled to be heroic. Perhaps it is the geist of the spermatozoa. One determined reckless brave dude, who is willing and able to risk it all, claims the egg.  Or perhaps even worse, we are somehow conditioned to see things in such a way that all biological activity appears saturated with heroic moralism. I have no idea.

I do know this: a lot of traders blow out and lose their stakes. We place bets that are too large, dreaming of all that can be had from leveraged risk, and we crash.


We all dream of landing on the moon or in the Bahamas after we make the fatal charge.

Usually, we end up in the looney bin or in some room, where we can cast about our memories for answers that aren’t there.

There is only one answer. Avoid the (biological) imperative to achieve victory over the masses.

Keep thinking. Keep processing. Keep it small.

No hero shit.

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