What do we expect?

Another whistleblower braves indefinite detention to alert the public. But the public has already been alerted and forgot.

Three reminders:

1. The national security state automatically searches for keywords, phrases, etc. from every electronic communication that passes through the Internet.

2. The mainstream media are “owned” by the CIA–or, it sure seems so.

3. This all began with WWII computer technologies and the atomic bomb.


The Enigma Machine: The production of secrets by the German War Machine gave birth to Colossus and prepared the way for the national security state.

Computer technology, born in attempt to crack secret codes, beckoned unlimited data processing, transmission and storage; the atomic bomb determined the emergence of a state that could promise to contain the power of its own creation as its implicit justification; the drugs of mass entertainment and TV news allowed the whole concoction to go straight down the gullets of people literally shell-shocked by their own un-necessity.

mark 2 collossus


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