Locking in Real “Value”: Comments on the Gold Bonanza

With so much money tucked into (hidden) banks and in mortal fear that Obama would take the value out of their currency holdings via Fed “money printing”, the rich bought gold/silver and other precious metals like there would be no tomorrow. The precious metals play was their hysterical and manic attempt to make real their wealth in what they called, “the value store of gold”. From 8/2011 until today, the “value” of these real objects has collapsed about 36%. At first they said that this loss was primarily in “paper” gold– e.g., gold futures contracts and ETFs, also known as derivatives. Lately, they’ve been arguing that the market has been manipulated by central banks. The well heeled would all do better than try to immortalize their dominance via vast holdings of so-called value assets. The ultimate reality and value for human beings, as depicted in the Chinese characters (jiazhi), is the human strength, character, and grace of social life.Capture
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