Correlations to Monitor, First Week of July, 2013


Short TBT against Long /ZB suggests itself.


The 10-year Note vs. 30-year Bond, .9932

The Russell vs. The Dow, .9851

Gold vs. Silver, .984

The Russell vs. The S and P’s, .9773

The Russell vs. The Nasdaq, .9433

The Nasdaq vs. 10-year notes, .9254

The Yen vs.10-year note, .9067

The Euro vs. The Yen, .8998

QQQ vs. AAPL, .7648

Gold vs. 10-year Note, .7427

Gold vs. Thirty-year bonds, .744

The 10-year note vs. TBT, -.9348

The Russell vs. VXX, -.944

The 30-year Bond vs. TBT, -.9569

The Dollar vs. The Euro, -.9938


Taichung Park, Taichung, Taiwan– as depicted during the Japanese Colonial Period

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