Ode to the beauty of a calendar trade. The spread is set a little long delta. The trend is not your friend. Downward adjust. Add a calendar spread below. When price resumes its rise up (for this is yet a bull), sell a vertical to turn the lower calendar into a diagonal.

Get big; get hit in the headlights like all good ungulates.

How do you make sense cents out of senseless business?

Cannabis cures ear worm.

Moby’s photographs inspire me.


To find the art

in the prosaic world of options.

my Zen goal.


Perhaps impossible; for

did I cease

listening years




The Underground Man:

The market throws me for a loop the more I turn to others for answers.

Are not traders themselves sending real signals in pictographic form?

What is it when you think only with your brain and not your being?

How does one think the market and not break into a type of human jelly?

Whirling insanity where the floor drops but you don’t hang. You don’t swing.

You only gaze beyond the depth of your heart. Have you felt this too?

Falling for a spread.

The independent management of

both sides. One must

act live-like a savvy trader

once a spread goes

into adjustment.

Maybe it is true. We old fuchs in our retail P.J.’s are dictating the prevailing flow of the market. Humorous but dubious.

on my own

the game is on.

Creativity till the end

is dignity’s best


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