Endgame Investing

The Wall Street Journal announces that Japan will start up its nuclear power plants:

Japan’s turnabout on atomic energy has as much to do with finances as anything else. Japanese utilities have been making up the shortfall caused by the absence of nuclear energy by buying liquefied natural gas on the international market, just as the price of LNG has hit record highs.

For a country running a record-high trade deficit the cost of decommissioning 48 nuclear reactors doesn’t bear thinking about.

Yep. The neoliberal logic is impeccable. Who would care to think about the mind-boggling costs (no one writes insurance for meltdowns) of nuclear reactors built by Tepco and GE and how that discounted future is palmed off to (poorer) people as death, destruction, and subservience?

The entire proposition that nuclear energy in its old GE reactors is anything but disaster deferred is as absurd as it is heartbreaking. Fukushima follows Chernobyl and Three Mile Island and so many other accidents and near misses

One can easily and seriously ask: Is not humanity evolving into some kind of borg-like creature? Will homo sapiens be stomped out in the process like Neanderthal? What is their sin: being fleshy and poorly programmed?

Meanwhile, some endgame investment opportunities are breaking out on the news:


The Global X Uranium Fund ETF, daily chart

I only trade commodities futures on the short side.

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