Nickola Pazderic, Ph.D.

I am a former cultural anthropologist, who has been published by the top university presses and their journals in my field (e.g., The University of California, Duke University, and Stanford University). My subjects have included technological discourse in religious practices, religious discourses in technological practices, and tertiary education in contemporary Taiwan. I have taught at the following universities in historical order: The National Chung Hsing University, The National Taichung Institute of Technology, The University of Washington, Yale University, Chaoyang University of Technology, and The National Cheng Kung University. I have received numerous research grants from the United States and the Republic of China governments.

My research of and participation in the derivatives market is calculated to make the best use of my skills. I conceive of market activity as an intellectual and psychological challenge– one which I intend to explore and chronicle as an individual via the anthropological and philosophical tools I have acquired through a lifetime of study.

Once the new skills have been acquired, I intend to be an asset to organizations engaged in ecological restoration, investigative journalism, and music in Seattle.

Nickola Pazderic, Ph.D.


Photographed in the woods near my home by Kevin Kinch

Seattle, WA

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